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You’ve Got Questions…Just how big is New Jersey?  How many beaches do we have?  Who were the first people to live here?  How many professional athletes were born in the Garden State?  How many newspapers do we have?  No problem. Start searching!

Thanks to Port Monmouth School 4th grade teacher, Katie Katzgrau for creating these worksheets.  We love sharing great teacher ideas with other great teachers!

Lenni Lenape Indians

New Jersey’s first residents were the Lenni Lenape Indians.  What can you find out about them?
  1. Approximately how many of Lenni Lenape Indians lived in New Jersey?
  2. What do the words Lenni Lenape mean?
  3. What kinds of foods did they eat?  How did they find and grow food?
  4. What type of shelter did they live in?
  5. What did their kids do for fun?
  6. Did they only live in New Jersey or did they live in other states?
  7. What language did they speak?
  8. What type of transportation did they use?
  9. Were they friends with other tribes or the Europeans?

The First Settlers

A colonial map of New Jersey looks much different than today’s map of our state.  Can you answer these questions?
  1. Who was the first explorer to see New Jersey?  When?
  2. Our colonial history started after this explorer sailed through Newark Bay in 1609.  What was his name?  Is anything named after him?
  3. We didn’t start off as New Jersey, find our first name.
  4. What countries did the first three groups of settlers come from?
  5. In 1664, the British took control of the colony and split it in half and two proprietors took over.  This is when we were named New Jersey.  Who was in charge of East Jersey and who was in charge of West Jersey?
  6. Where did the name New Jersey come from?
  7. For many years, we shared a Governor with what state? Why did we share?
  8. True or False, New Jersey offered religious and political freedoms.
  9. In 1738, the Governorship split and we got our own Governor.  Who was he?  Is there anything named after him?

New Jersey in the Revolution

New Jersey played a very important role in the American Revolution.  Find the answers to these questions.
  1. Did all of the colonists in New Jersey support the Revolution?  If not, how were they split?
  2. How many battles were fought in New Jersey during the Revolution?
  3. Why were so many battles fought in the Garden State?
  4. Which New Jersey battle is considered the Turning Point of the Revolution?
  5. George Washington’s surprise attack on Christmas night was definitely a surprise.  Why?
  6. Who did Washington’s troops attack and where were they staying?
  7. What river did they cross and why was it such a dangerous crossing?
  8. The surprise worked.  How many American soldiers were injured?  How many British soldiers were captured?
  9. Immediately after the Battle of Trenton, General Washington won the next battle.  Where was it?

Early Statehood

As one of the original 13 colonies, New Jersey is one of the first states.  Answer these questions about New Jersey’s statehood.
  1. In 1787, New Jersey became a state.  What number are we and what did we sign to become a
  2. In 1790, which city became the capital of New Jersey?
  3. Who was the first state Governor?
  4. New Jersey grew and prospered during the early 1800s and new factories sprung up throughout the state.  Which city became a textile center?
  5. Trenton produced three important items.  What were they?
  6. Several other cities became manufacturing centers in the 1800s.  Can you name them?
  7. What helped industry grow, creating factory jobs for hundreds of thousands of Europeans?
  8. What was important in expanding the South Jersey Shore areas?
  9. True or false: South Jersey was an urban area filled with factories.

The Civil War

New Jersey also played an important role in the Civil War.  Search for the answers to the following questions.
  1. By 1850, what was New Jersey’s population?
  2. Where were most of New Jersey’s industries located? North or south?
  3. Did New Jersey support the Union (north) or the Confederacy (south)?
  4. How many regiments did we contribute to the Civil War?
  5. Our soldiers participated in almost every major eastern battle.  How many New Jersey men fought for the Union?
  6. During the Civil War, General Ulysses S. Grant moved his family to 309 Wood Street in which New Jersey town?
  7. What is the significance of Barringer High School?
  8. What is the importance of the Barringer Flag?
  9. What was the first fully equipped unit to arrive in Washington DC and be greeted by President Lincoln?

Immigrants and Industry

New Jersey has always had a very diverse population.  In the beginning most immigrants came to our state from Ireland and Germany.  As the country grew, many came from Italy and Eastern Europe. Search the answers for these questions:
  1. In 1910, where was half of the population of New Jersey born?
  2. As cities continued to grow, what happened to the farm populations?  Why?
  3. What issues brought Woodrow Wilson to power as Governor in 1910?  Why did he leave his office in 1913?
  4. As industries grew, what reforms did Woodrow Wilson support?
  5. What was responsible for much of New Jersey’s expansion?
  6. Who was New Jersey’s most popular inventor?
  7. Name some items he invented and explain why they were so important.
  8. In the early 1900s, which New Jersey town was the film capital of the world?
  9. Between 1900 and 1930, what happened to our population?

The 1900’s

Between 1900 and 1930, NJ became a $4 billion manufacturing industry.  Unfortunately, the Great Depression of the 1930s hit the state hard.  Find the answers to these questions.
  1. What was the main effect of the Great Depression?
  2. What helped New Jersey rebound from the effects of the Great Depression?
  3. Why do you think this help the economy?
  4. What industries began full scale operations during this time?
  5. How did the population shift during the mid 1900s?
  6. Transportation projects helped connect NJ.  What two projects were created in the 1950s?
  7. What important event occurred on May 3, 1919?  Why was it important?
  8. New Jersey has two International Airports.  Where are they located?
  9. Which of the two airports became one of the busiest in the world?  Why do you think this happened?

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of friendship between the United States of America and France and is located in New York Harbor.  It is arguably the greatest symbol of freedom and opportunity and is a National Landmark of New York and New Jersey.  Answer the following questions:
  1. Often called Lady Liberty, what is her official name?
  2. What does her torch represent?  What does her tablet read?
  3. What do the windows and rays on her crown represent?
  4. What is on her feet and what do they symbolize?
  5. How did the United States and France work together on the project?
  6. What was the original name of Liberty Island, where the statue sits?
  7. When was the statue officially received and which President oversaw the commemoration?
  8. What famous words were added to her pedestal and who was the author?
  9. How tall is the statue from the ground to the tip of the torch?  How many steps to the crown?

New Jersey’s National Parks

New Jersey is the home to some of the nation’s most beautiful national parks.  They reflect the beauty and importance of our state.  Learn about these great destinations as you answer these questions.
  1. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail covers many states.  Find out how long the trail is and
    name the states it covers.
  2. The Middle Delaware Scenic River is a stretch of the Delaware River.  How long is that stretch and what states border the river with New Jersey?
  3. From the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, how many more miles does the River run?  Where does it end?
  4. The Ellis Island National Monument operated until what year?  How many immigrant steamship passengers were processed there?
  5. Where is the Gateway National Recreation Area located and what would you find if you were to visit?  What activities are available?
  6. Where does the Great Egg Harbor River begin?
  7. The Lower Delaware National Wild and Scenic River is the largest what?  Where does it flow?
  8. The Morristown National Historic Park is the home of what famous home and what famous winter residents?
  9. Describe the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route and some of its historic features.
  10. The New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve covers how many acres and counties?  Why is it so important?
  11. What started at the Thomas Edison national Historic Park?  Where is it located?


New Jersey has 127 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, select TWO beach towns and answer the following questions:
  1. What year was the town established and who established it?
  2. What is the population during the off season?  What is the population during the summer?
  3. Do they have public beaches where anyone can swim?
  4. Do they have a boardwalk?  If yes, do they have rides, food, and games?
  5. Who are some of their important founders or residents?
  6. Did they have famous visitors?
  7. Did anything important happen in this town?
  8. How many schools do they have?
  9. Do they have a lighthouse?

New Jersey Facts and Symbols

You have seen the state flag and seen the seal, but how much of the meaning for our symbols do you know?  Let’s find out.
  1. What are the five symbols on the state seal and when was it created?
  2. Why were the colors of the state flag selected?  When was it adopted?
  3. What is the state flower and where can you find them?
  4. Describe the Eastern Goldfinch.  What does it like to eat?
  5. What is the state tree?
  6. What is the state insect and why is it important?
  7. What is the state animal and how and when was it selected?
  8. What is the state fish and what can it tell us about the water where it is found?
  9. Yes, we even have a state shell!  What is it?
  10. What is the state ship and when was it built?
  11. What is the official state fruit and when and how did it become official?
  12. New Jersey’s state dinosaur is also North America’s first dinosaur.  What is its name and who discovered it?
  13. Believe it or not, we have a state dance.  What is it and when did it become official?

New Jersey Government

New Jersey has a Governor, and for the first time, a Lieutenant Governor.  What else have we got?
  1. In the United States Congress, every state has the same number of Senators to represent their citizens.  How many US Senators do we send to Washington DC?
  2. Do you know their names?
  3. In the United States Congress, the number of Representatives that each state sends to the House of Representatives in Washington DC is based upon each state’s population.  How many US Representatives does New Jersey have?
  4. Do you know the Representative for your town?
  5. New Jersey also has its own Senate and Assembly to make New Jersey’s laws.  How many State Senators do we have?
  6. Do you know who your Senator is?
  7. How many Representatives are in the New Jersey State Assembly?
  8. Do you know who your Representative is?
  9. If you wanted to speak to someone about a law in New Jersey, who would you contact a US Senator or a State Senator?

New Jersey Size, Cities, and Towns

New Jersey may be small in size, but not in towns, cities, and water!  Find the answers to these questions and you’ll see.
  1. How many municipalities (towns or cities) are in the Garden State?
  2. How many counties do we have?  Name them.
  3. We are four times bigger than Rhode Island.  How many TOTAL square miles is New Jersey?
  4. Of that total, how many square miles are land?  How many square miles are water?
  5. How many lakes and ponds do we have?  How many rivers and creeks?
  6. How many state parks do we have?  How many state forests do we have?
  7. How many natural areas?  How many national recreational areas?
  8. How many miles of roads and highways?
  9. How many miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline?  How many state marinas?

New Jersey Population

What New Jersey lacks in physical size, we surely make up for in population.  As the most densely populated state, with almost 1,300 people per square mile, that’s pretty dense.  But that’s not all.  Answer these questions to see what else we have.  Keep in mind that these numbers are from the 2000 Census and will be updated when the 2010 numbers are released.
  1. What is our population?
  2. How many households in New Jersey?
  3. The oldest continuous running library is located in the City of Burlington.  How many public libraries are in the state?
  4. How many public elementary schools?
  5. How many public secondary (high) schools?  How many private high schools?  Which high school do you think you will attend?
  6. How many two year colleges?  How many four year colleges?  What is the state university?
  7. How many medical schools?
  8. How many dental schools?
  9. How many engineering schools?  How many theological schools?